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Bayside Manor Assisted Living and Special Care Facility

Bayside Manor

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Bayside Manor is a truly unique facility. At no other facility can you find an Assisted Living Program that matches the level of care and location that Bayside has to offer. In addition, the question of What happens when the Assisted Living environment no longer works? is answered by the Bayside Manor Special Care Program. As owner-operators, we are proud to offer the most complete Aging In Place program that exists.

Joe Cappadona originally conceived and designed Bayside Manor with his brother, Anthony, and his two sisters, Elena and Joanne, in 1995. Together, they developed and built Bayside Manor Assisted Living. The original building opened in 1997, followed by openings in 1999, 2001, 2003, and 2005. The Bayside campus focuses on aging in place in a magnificent victorian home.

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Bayside Manor has demonstrated that affordable solutions exist for those senior citizens who don't require extensive medical care but can no longer live alone.

Monmouth County Planning Board Award

Joe and Anthony Cappadona, with Planning Board Chairman Joe Rettagliata,
accepting the Monmouth County Planning Board Award for Most Outstanding Facility

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