Hospice Care

Hospice Care

What is Hospice?

Hospice or “ end of life care “ is medical care provided to a person diagnosed with a terminal illness who is no longer seeking a cure. Care focuses on symptom management and improving your loved ones quality of life.

When do I choose Hospice?

Deciding when it's time for Hospice care is a difficult decision. Open, active discussions between caregivers, patients, doctors, and medical personnel regarding patients goals and choices is imperative. Typically a patient is ready for hospice when…

1. A patient has 6 months or less to live according to their physician
2. A patient is rapidly declining despite treatments (weight loss, decline in mental status, inability to perform activities of daily living)
3. A patient wants to stop treatment and just be comfortable

Can I receive hospice care at Bayside Manor?

Absolutely! Afterall the goal of hospice is to provide end of life care to a patient in their home. Well, our resident's home is Bayside Manor. Bayside Manor is affiliated with many reputable hospices in the area that provide excellent services. The choice of hospice is yours. Whichever hospice you choose, our staff will work as part of their interdisciplinary team to meet your loved ones physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our goal is to make every moment count.

What services are provided with Hospice care?

MD - either your own or one connected with the Hospice to provide medical orders
Nurses - both hospice and Bayside Manor nurses who will oversee care
Aides - to assist with activities of daily living
Chaplain and spiritual services
Social work and counseling
Comfort measures